Termite and other Wood Destroying Insects 

Termites do more monetary damage per year then all natural disasters combined. There are many different species. There are 3 major categories of termites. Subterranean, dry wood and damp wood. Mostly we  are concerned with Subterranean termites in Arizona.

Subterranean termites They generally live in the soil. In Arizona, they are the most prevalent. The most common subterranean termite found in Arizona that we are concerned with as far as structural damage is the desert subterranean termite Heterotermes aureus. There can be a large number of colonies in a small area. H. aureus typically prefers hotter dryer climates like the Sonoran Desert. The colony size is typically smaller than Reticulitermes which are a major concern in the south eastern states and California. Subterranean termite species H. aureus is responsible for removing dead wood from our desert landscape, returning nutrients to the soil and bringing soil from lower strata to the soil surface. Unfortunately, our houses either are built out of cellulose (dead wood) or have a large amount of cellulose material within the structure.

Treatment Pest Management Professionals have a number of treatment products and methods available. It is very important to have a expert understanding of these products and methods. It is also very important to have a great understanding of construction in order to have success with treatment.

Expert Matt “Sgt Swat” Reyelts is an ACE Certified Entomologist with the Entomological Society of America. He has over 30 years experience in pest management. He is a Home Inspector and a licensed Real Estate Agent. This gives him a well rounded expertise when it comes to handling wood destroying insect concerns within residential property. A great deal of training is a priority for Bug Warrior Inspectors and technicians.


Pest Control Services Yuma AZ


– Bug Warrior offers a number of different types of evaluation and inspection. This is most important and critical step in a successful Pest Management Program.

Pest Control Services Yuma AZ Wood Destroying and Pest evaluation Reports for Real Estate transactions.

Wood Destroying and Pest evaluation Reports for Real Estate transactions. 

Most Real Estate transactions that involve financing will require a WDIIR or Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report. Almost all lenders will ask for a Termite report. Your Real Estate Agent will give you a copy of the BUYER ADVISOR which is required by Arizona Dept of Real Estate (ADRE). This report will inform you of a number of things to include Dangerous and Harmful Pest, Rodents, Reptiles, ect. An inspector for termites will be called out to provide a WDIIR report and it generally will not include any of the other dangerous and more potentially harmful pest. They may not even be qualified to provide this information! Another reason to use Bug Warrior. Matt “SGT SWAT” Reyelts is a ACE Certified Entomologist. His training and knowledge is provided to you as a service. Contact Sgt. Swat to learn how our comprehensive report is the best and the one you need for you and your clients. Knowledge is the key to success.

Residential and Commercial Property Inspection and Evaluation 

Bug Warrior may provide a written and comprehensive evaluation of a residential or commercial property. This inspection report will provide you with important information regarding conditions, structural areas of concern, and infestation. It will inform you of potential health risks, potential property damage concerns, and recommendations to correct or improve hazardous situations.
Pest Control Services Yuma AZ Residential and Commercial Property Inspection and Evaluation
Pest Control Services Yuma AZ Arizona Public Health Inspection and Evaluation

Public Health Inspection and Evaluation 

Matt “Sgt Swat” Reyelts is a ACE Certified Entomologist with the Entomological Society of America. Entomology is the Study of insects and a Certified Entomologist is deemed and Expert in their field. Our field is Urban Entomology which involves residential, commercial, and public health. Sgt. Swat has worked with State, County, and City official for 30 years involving are areas of Pest Management. His expertise has aided with the control of a variety of epidemics including West Nile Virus, Dengue fever, and areas of blood borne pathogen concerns.


Termites, Bed Bugs, Scorpions, Spiders, Bees, Wasps, Ants, Roaches, Mosquitos, Flies, Centipedes, Roof Rats, Rodents, Fleas, Ticks, Earwigs, on and on

Residential Programs (initial, monthly, every other month, quarterly, semi annual) 

Pest Control Services Yuma AZ for residential homes may require many different needs. This is why the inspection and evaluation step in a pest management program is so important. We will inspect and evaluate your residents as the first step in designing a program that fits your needs. We will communicate and share the information obtained during the inspection with you. This will allow us to employ a battle plan that may involve treatment, repair, and environmental condition recommendations. We will then choose what is right for you. Safety and protection is of the highest concern. Please call for a free comprehensive evaluation.

Commercial Programs (initial, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, term) 

We provide pest management programs for a variety of commercial accounts such as but not limited to Hospitals, Assisted living facilities, Schools, Restaurants, Office buildings, Hotels, Apartments, Vetrans facilities, Retirement communities, Military institutions, High Security facilities, etc. Bug Warrior’s ACE Entomology Certification and Security clearances make us the best choice for your commercial pest management needs.

Agency and Special Needs Programs (designed programs) 

Bug Warrior provides a number of health service pest management programs. If you have a area of need for a special need program. Please contact Sgt. Swat for a free initial consultation.