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BUG WARRIOR is the best line of defense when it comes to business and residential Pest Invasion. Sgt. Swat’s 30 plus years of insect combat and expert training provide Bug Warrior a tactical advantage. This makes Bug Warrior your # 1 choice when it comes to defeating pests and providing safety for you and your family!
Matt “Sgt. Swat” Reyelts is an ACE Certified Entomologist. This makes him an Expert in Public Health and residential pest management and control in Yuma AZ. Sgt. Swat serves Arizona by providing Expert Pest Management and Public Education. Bug Warrior is your best defense when it comes to dangerous insects of the Arizona Desert and it all starts with Inspection and Evaluation.

Pest Control Yuma AZ

What is the inspiration behind BUG WARRIOR? When asked, Sgt Swat recalled a particular story. “I was just a small boy. Perhaps 8 or 9 years old. I went on countless insect battles with my father as a young boy. I recall a specific encounter involving a Norway Rat infestation at a farm. My father and I entered the barn. There were rats everywhere! They were the size of small rabbits. Hundreds of them running around the ground at our feet.
Expert pest management Yuma AZ Pest Control Yuma AZ Bug Warrior is among the most qualified Expert Pest Management companies available in Arizona. Our very own “Sgt. Swat” is an ACE Certified Entomologist with over 30 Years experience. His Expertise is in URBAN PEST MANAGEMENT. Urban Pest Management is a field that encompasses Public Health, Residential and Commercial Pest Management and Wood Destroying Insects. This includes TERMITES and BED BUGS! There are over 5000 technicians licensed by the AZ Dept of Agriculture. Only about 20 can lay claim to the ESA Certified Entomologist National Certification like SGT SWAT. You need an Expert.
We tied our pants at the bottom with twine so the rats couldn’t run up our pant legs. The rats were traveling over our heads on the rafters of the barn. I was so scared. Trapping was a part of the plan. My father started trapping them with bait. One rat jumped toward me and snapped his teeth. My father, wanting to ensure my safety sent me to the vehicle to wait as he continued the battle.  My brave father defeated the rats and saved the farm. I could see the gratitude in the Farmers face as he shook my fathers hand. I knew then that someday I was going to be as brave as my father and help people.” This was the moment that the childhood dream had begun. This was the begging of the Adventures of Sgt. Swat the Bug Warrior. I am now, YOUR EXPERT CHOICE IN PEST MANAGEMENT!